To be involved as long as DJ Bizonee, one must be able to cater to any crowd. Gabe is currently known for his wide playlists. He is capable of taking a variety of music and molding it into a three hour seemingly never ending playlist. Playing 90′s music with videos on one night to playing a hard house set the next night will definitely keep you moving until the next morning. You can often listen in for one of his live “mash-ups” which he says “is never, ever planned.” DJ Bizonee has also been recognized as one of the leaders in video mixing in Texas with all of his cutting edge visuals and even movie drops. Clearly, he is someone who can entertain you in more ways than most. DJ Bizonee also holds one of the longest residencies in Houston, keeping people moving for over 5 years at the famous Bronx Bar, a venue that has stood the test of time and has lasted with the help of DJ Bizonee for over 13 years.

DJ Bizonee has been featured all over the world, from Los Angeles to Miami, all the way down to Buenos Aires, Argentina and many spots in between. He has held residency in almost EVERY trendy and popular club in Houston. He was the mastermind behind what has now become a Houston institution, “Sunday Fundae” at Escobar, which features the newest in house music and where he has entertained many Hollywood celebrities and sports figures.

Only the future holds what will be in store for this diverse, energetic, and mind-blowing deejay. Keep your ears and eyes open for him, because DJ BIZONEE from the WORLD FAMOUS BOOTH PIMPS will not be fading away anytime soon!

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